01. The little boy stared in [terror] at the monsters standing outside his door on Halloween night.
02. The [terror] of the dog attack traumatized the child for months.
03. The woman screamed in [terror] when the killer suddenly appeared in front of her with a huge knife in his hand.
04. The airplane was hijacked by a [terrorist] who demanded five million dollars, and the release of a number of prisoners in his country.
05. The U.S. claims that Libya is exporting [terrorism].
06. The school bully [terrorized] his classmates into doing what he wanted.
07. Sonya has a real [terror] of speaking in public.
08. The Hendersons' 4-year-old son is a real little [terror] that just can't be controlled.
09. What one person refers to as a [terrorist], another calls a freedom fighter.
10. Three people were killed in [terrorist] attacks in Jerusalem this morning.
11. The most tragic moment in Olympic Games history was the murder of Israeli athletes by [terrorists] at the Munich games.
12. In the UK, animal-rights [terrorism] has caused almost £150 million in property damage over the past 25 years.
13. Security has been increased in Sydney to prepare for possible [terrorist] attacks during the Olympic Games.
14. Doug Horton once remarked that action cures fear, whereas inaction creates [terror].
15. The destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City was the most terrible act of [terrorism] in history.
16. The U.S. has accused Afghanistan of supporting [terrorism] by allowing Osama Bin Laden to live in their country.
17. Line-ups at major airports are the result of an increase in [terrorism] in this country.
18. In 1983, more than 300 American and French troops were killed by [terrorist] bombs in Lebanon.
19. Maimonides once said that the risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the [terror] of indecision.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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